Discovering Pompeii-Out June 16th!

So, finally, Discovering Pompeii is ready to go! It will be available initially on Amazon, in paperback and ebook form and is available for pre-order now.




Proof copy of the paper back version…



Do you want a Pompeii guidebook that tells you about more than just the structure and functions of the buildings in this ancient city?

Then “Discovering Pompeii” is Pompeii book for you.
Many books have been written, exploring the ancient ruins of Pompeii and the city’s history. Few, if any, however, have acted as an archaeological guide that uses Pompeii’s buildings to tell themed stories of city’s life and death.

Discovering Pompeii does just. Using individual features and buildings as focal points for chapters, it tells three stories from the history of Pompeii. Discover how Pompeii grew from a walled collection of farms into an impressive Roman colony in “Civic Pompeii” before moving onto an exploration of the sights, sounds smells, shops, houses, bars and baths of everyday Pompeii by taking “A Walk down the Via dell’Abbondanza.” Finally, in Pompeii’s Last Days experience how each stage of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD affected Pompeii –and its people. ‘

Packed with plans and descriptions of individual buildings, explanations of terminology and fun and informative facts about Pompeian and Roman life in general, “Discovering Pompeii” is an archaeological guide that can be used on site- or enjoyed from the comfort of your own armchair.



Just a sample of whats inside…


What’s new in the Second Edition?

• More detailed plans and descriptions of the layout of key buildings
• Additional information on the eruption of Vesuvius, the earthquake of 62AD and the human body casts.
• Key Latin terms and phrases explained throughout
• Footnotes

Reviews for the first edition of Discovering Pompeii:
“…this is a perfect guide for all travellers and history enthusiasts with its superb overview of Pompeii. The tour is skillfully organized, with descriptions of the modern site and ancient times for every stop along the way. The depth of Sheldon’s knowledge of ancient history is evident and enlightening……” Readers Favourites
“…Discovering Pompeii is the total guide for not only any visitor to the city but for anyone curious about the ancient world.” B McConnell
“….very informative and enlightening (even if you’re only on-site in the ruins of a messy living room)!” Seuss777

Discovering Pompeii will be available from and from June 16, 2018, in both Paperback and Kindle.

Available for pre-order.